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The beginning of the end.

This is going to be the first post I make in an attempt to outline the historical progress of my turbo accord project.

I made the original post on 3geez.com indicating that I wanted to ‘take the plunge’ in building a turbo accord.

My criteria was as follows:

  1. must be cheap
  2. must be reliable
The plan was to build a low boost (3-5psi) turbo setup, that probably wouldn’t break any speed records, but would have been supposedly reliable and able to be driven every day.

At this point I had just graduated high school, and my car was a mostly stock Honda Accord. I was enjoying 40mpg and classic honda reliability. The car was my daily driver and treated well. The mod list could be counted on one hand, but not for much longer.

Mod List:

  • 2.25″ cat-back exhaust system
  • DC Sports Header
  • MSD 6AL Ignition
  • ‘eBay’ Short Ram Intake

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