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It’s a slippery slope

Since my last post the car looks a lot different. For starters it has been on a serious weight loss program. I have completely removed the interior of the car. Including the entire dash. The only interior left is a steering wheel, some pedals, and 2 seats.

When I say I removed everything – I meant it. Even the wiring harnesses for the car have been removed. I am going to be rewiring this car from scratch, keeping only the essentials.

I have relocated my battery to the back of the car, added an external kill switch, and pulled every last bit of my original engine management system. I will be using an Electromotive TECgt engine management system. This replaces the stock distributor, the ignition coil, the ECU, down to every last sensor – all of it is gone.

I have ditched the Accord radiator, in favor of a half-width Civic radiator, to allow room for my turbo in the front of the engine bay.

I have removed the upper radiator support plate, and replaced it with a smaller, lighter aluminum version.

I have added a custom dash panel with a plethora of Autometer gauges.

I have built an electronic speedo sensor for my poor confused 5speed transmission, by cannibalizing both 3g Accord and 4g accord speed sensors.

The bumper core support has been put on a diet to make room for the front mount intercooler.

At this point I even own what at that time was the only ram-horn turbo manifold ever made for an A20. We were finally making good progress, and things had become decidedly more serious than I expected them to when starting the project.

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