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Chris’ 1986 Honda Accord Hatchback

The Story:

I have been working on this car for 10 years now. What started out as a project to build a ‘low boost’ accord running a few pounds of boost has eventually escalated into a decade long project. The car looks a lot different than it did when I first took ownership.

The history of this accord will be retold in blog posts, but this page will be my attempt at a ‘current’ snapshot of the cars status. As I complete the car, this page will be updated.

A lot of time, effort, and money has been spent on this project. Many parts have been purchased, removed, swapped out. What you will see here is a list of the parts on the car as it sits now. Although I hope to eventually chronicle all of the phases that the accord has gone through over the years.

The Build:


  • Bored .050
  • Diamond Custom pistons 8.46:1 CR and Total Seal ring set with chrome steel top rings
  • Eagle H-Beam Rods (from LS Integra)
  • ARP rod bolts, and main studs
  • Baffled oil pan (modified to keep oil in the bottom)
  • High flow Toga oil pump
  • King tri-metal bearings all around
  • Balanced bottom end (from crank pully to clutch – to 8000RPM safe)
  • Lightened OEM flywheel (16.5 lbs)
  • Spec Stage 3 Clutch (6 puck, sprung, 259 ft/lbs)


  • 70mm > 68mm tapered BBK throttle body
  • AEBS B16 intake manifold (bored from 65mm to 68mm to mate to TB)
  • Ported head to intake manifold
  • OEM sized forged valves
  • Titanium valve retainers
  • Titanium locks
  • High compression valve springs (8500 rpm capable)
  • Delta 282 Cam
  • 5-angle valve grind
  • Ported and polished head
  • Polished exhaust ports
  • Golden Eagle 440 Adjust-tru adjustable cam gear
  • Cometic custom .050 thick copper head gasket
  • ARP head studs

OEM Motor parts:

  • Not many left


  • AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Autometer 2 1/16 Phantom – Voltage gauge (trust me, useful – I have weird electrical ‘issues’)
  • Autometer 2 1/16 Phantom – Water temp gauge
  • Autometer 2 1/16 Phantom – Oil Pressure gauge
  • Autometer 2 1/16 Phantom – A/F gauge (will be replaced with WBo2)
  • Autometer 2 1/16 Phantom – Boost / Vac gauge
  • Autometer 2 1/16 Phantom – Pyrometer gauge
  • Electromotive TecGT Standalone Engine Management System
  • Electromotive Direct Ignition Coil Pack
  • 3-bar GM MAP sensor
  • Walbro 255 lph fuel pump

Turbo Parts:

  • Garret T3/T4 57 trim, stage 3 wheel. .63 turbine, .60 compressor – brand new 🙂
  • Custom ZHU Zephabrication Turbo Manifold
  • Tial 38mm external wastegate
  • Stealthmode oil feed and return lines
  • 30x6x2.5 FMIC
  • 2.5″ downpipe
  • 750cc Seimens Fuel Injectors