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New website launched!

The new website is up online. I plan on working on it a bit in the next few weeks to at least get up to speed with the content I had on the old site. In addition, I plan to showcase many more accord projects, and hopefully this site will become a place for me […]


It’s a slippery slope

Since my last post the car looks a lot different. For starters it has been on a serious weight loss program. I have completely removed the interior of the car. Including the entire dash. The only interior left is a steering wheel, some pedals, and 2 seats. When I say I removed everything – I […]


The new motor LIVES!

April 9th, 2006 – The built motor finally hits the road. Thanks in no small part to all of the hard work of my friends, the Accord finally ran under its own power with the new motor. This was a really exciting day, and a breakthrough for my project. The bottom line at this point: […]


Back in business

The lapse in enthusiasm for the Accord did not last for long. By summer I had started to develop some grand plans. A built motor meant to handle a substantial amount of power was in the works. By November I had started to get parts back from the machine shop. At this point in the […]



In early 2005, I had lost steam on the project. I decided that rather than finish up the Accord, I would be better served turbo charging the KA24E-powered 240sx that I had recently purchased. It was decided that the Accord would better serve as a reliable daily driver for me, while the Nissan would be […]


It’s so easy!

After some discussion with some of the more¬†knowledgeable¬†forum members on 3geez.com, I had whipped up a very simple mod list for my turbo accord project. turbo bov MSD BTM upgraded ignition coil oil feed and return lines custom turbo manifold all the gauges turbo timer boost controller If only… I had a lot to learn […]


The beginning of the end.

This is going to be the first post I make in an attempt to outline the historical progress of my turbo accord project. I made the original post on 3geez.com indicating that I wanted to ‘take the plunge’ in building a turbo accord. My criteria was as follows: must be cheap must be reliable The […]